This page includes our appearances in the press, including printed articles, radio and TV interviews. We'd like to thank everyone who have helped us to get the word out about HCO. In particular, Jo Thoenes (Jo in the Afternoon) and the team at BBC Radio Oxford have given us lots of airtime; the Banbury Guardian have also given us lots of coverage of our events.


Anne Sheppard speaking to Jo Thoenes on BBC Radio Oxford - February 4th 2010

Our Education Officer, Anne, speaks to Jo about how HCO is hoping to enhance school-level education in physics and astronomy. Anne also explains a little of her own work towards the conservation of the coral reefs around the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. Her work is part of an ongoing project to protect this delicate ecosystem - to find out more, visit

Listen to part 1 (mp3), Part 2 (mp3)


Christopher Taylor & Rowena Archer speaking to Jo Thoenes on BBC Radio Oxford - September 14th 2009

In the run-up to the formal opening of the Millennium telescope, and our first Stars & September Woodlands event, Christopher and Rowena spoke about the Hanwell site and how they both became interested in astronomy.

Part 1 (mp3), Part 2 (mp3)


Christopher Taylor & David Briley, BBC Radio Oxford, 2008

Christopher Taylor and David Briley describe the working of the telescopes at the Observatory site, including our flagship Millenium telescope. They explain what we might see from the site and share their experiences of astronomy.

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