HCO is hugely indebted to the Royal Society and British Association Millennium Awards Scheme and Banbury Charities for funding this project.

Additional support has generously been given by a number of companies and organisations in the form of funding, time, labour, materials and equipment.

  • P.R. Alcock & Sons Ltd
  • Betgate Structures Ltd
  • J.P. Charles & Sons Ltd
  • Cherry & Son Ltd
  • Cherwell District Council
  • Entrepose Industrial Services
  • Hallet and Silbermann
  • Humphris & Sons
  • Hybrid Arts (Leamington Spa)
  • Joseph Ash Galvanizers (Telford)
  • Raleigh International
  • Smiths' Concrete (Banbury) Ltd
  • Charles & Dave Darrow (Canada)
  • Aurora Bearing Company (USA)

The following individuals have been particularly involved in the project:

  • John, Chris and David Alcock of P.R. Alcocks
  • Sue Baxter
  • David Briley of Betgate Structures Ltd
  • Syb Briley
  • Tony Burbage
  • Stella Carr, Tim, Cornelia and Hester Ellis of Hybrid Arts
  • Steve Cattley and Adam Kent of Joseph Ash Galvanizers
  • David Chowne of P.R. Alcocks
  • Les Clarke
  • Nigel Curtis
  • John Eldred of Smiths' Concrete Ltd
  • Rex Edwards
  • Paul Grant
  • Chris Humphris
  • Mick Jakeman
  • John Murphy
  • Sarah Ormrod
  • Dr Gillian Pearce
  • David Peachey
  • Joyce Porritt
  • Ann Reay
  • Sarah Randell
  • Dave Rose
  • Roger Solesbury of P.R. Alcocks
  • Ian Smith
  • Robin Swinbourne
  • Steven and Jayne Taylor
  • Jean-Yves Thin of Entrepose Industrial Services
  • John Wall
  • Mike Whitecross
  • Sylvia Youngjohns

Many others have kindly offered advice or lent a hand along the way.

Thanks especially to Ryan Townsend and Agincourt Technologies Ltd for the initial support and hosting of this website.