Lambda Centauri Cluster

IC 2948 - Lambda Centauri Cluster

This Ha image primarily of IC 2948 is a combination of just 2 x 600 seconds taken using the T12 telescope of the iTelescope facility in Sliding Springs Australia.

IC 2948 is the region of nebulosity surrounding the star Lambda Centauri and lies between the Southern Cross and the rich Carina region.
Even with this short exposure you can see a small group of dark clouds known as “Bok globules”.
The Bok globules in IC 2948 were discovered by David Thackeray a South African astronomer in 1950 and are named after him.

IC 2944 is a site of active star formation with a sprinkling of bright stars.
IC 2872 is a Bright Nebula in the Constellation of Centaurus.

The iTelescope system is an amazing way of imaging objects that we will not see from the UK.
Even though the images are obtained using very expensive equipment the likes of which I could not afford there is still a challenge to process the images obtained.
Planning is important as the telescope time is expensive so I spend quite a bit of time researching various objects that should image well to make best use of the time available.
I am grateful to Norman for the allowing us opportunity to use this set up.
Clear Skies,
Bob Sayer

 Lambda Centauri Cluster 


Image info:-
Image captured with the iTelescope, Telescope 12 at Sliding springs Australia
Takahashi FSQ-ED 106mm
Camera FLI
Ha filter 2 x 600 seconds.
Part processed in Nebulosity 4 with main processing carried out in StarTools.
Plate Solving annotation supplied by
Description details extracted from Sky Safari.