July 2017 Skynotes - M10

M10 NGC 6254
It was a warn evening and seeing was average about III but lots of thin clouds drifting around so difficult to get cloud free images. In the end out of 20 images only a couple were completely clear.
Unfortunately the cloud cover increased and no chance of any further images that evening.
M10 is a bright Globular Cluster found in the constellation of Ophiuchus and should be plainly visible in a 4” telescope.
It was discovered by Charles Messier in 1764 and he described it as a “Nebula without Stars” but later William Herschel resolved M10 in to stars.
It is estimated to be 14,300 light -years away and 83.5 light-years across (20.0 arcmin).
Bob Sayer
Location: Cornwall
Image details:
M10 - R.A 16h 56m 28.56s Dec -01º 07’ 26.9”
Captured: 2017-07-25
The image is a compilation of 2 x 300 sec subs.
4” Apochromatic refractor @f/4.3
Imaging Camera - Artemis 285 CCD Mono
Guiding - Celestron 80mm f5 refractor Skyris132M b/w camera 
Mount EQ6 controlled by EQMOD and PHD2.
Filters: Deep Sky 
Captured and processed in Nebulosity 4 and Photoshop.