February 2016 Skynotes: M42 - Orion Nebula

These notes are a collection of observations and images of the M42 Orion Nebula by HCO members Christopher Taylor and Bob Sayer.


Astrophoto of M42
Astrophoto of the Orion Nebula by HCO member Bob Sayer in 2013. See below for image details.


The following notes were taken from Christopher Taylor's observations of the Orion Nebula over the years, using the McIver Paton telescope (for the 1998 observations) and the Hanwell 30-inch Reflector telescope (for the 2010 observations).





Image details for Bob Sayer's astrophoto:

Location - Wroxton, Oxfordshire.
Latitude 52:04:23 N (52.07308) 
Longitude 01:24:00 W (-1.39987)
Altitude 139.3 m 294.8 feet
Captured: 2013-12-05 around midnight
The image is a compilation of 23 x 120 sec subs.
Televue TVNP101is 100mm Refractor with 0.8 reducer making it f/4
Main CCD - Artemis285 CCD mono camera.
Guiding CCD - Modified Philips SPC900NC b/w camera
EQ6 mount controlled by EQMac and PHD.
Lumicon Deep Sky filter.
Captured and processed in Nebulosity 3.